International Business Management

Programme features and aims

The MBA programme is company-focused and takes a string of cross-cultural and international perspectives in most areas of study. It will boost your confidence in your management abilities. Graduation from this programme will give you an opportunity to shift into top gear and speed along the fast lane of the business world. The programme aims to:
Develop an ability to analyse a broad range of approaches to the study of business and management and to critically evaluate the influences of controversial issues in the business environment.
Enable students to critically assess changes in business administration in the context of wider political, social and organisational changes.
Build on students’ ability to autonomously synthesize information/ideas and create responses to problems and /or develop new approaches in new situations.
Encourage students to objectively appraise the range of economic, human and ethical dilemmas that impinge on the modern manager.

Programme structure

The British programme lasts three semesters. The first two semesters are taught semesters, while the third one is for the preparation of the dissertation.

Teaching and learning

Tuition is full-time. Classes are scheduled on Thursday and Friday evenings and on Saturdays. This allows the participants to carry out their professional duties while studying.
A wide range of teaching methods are used, including presentations, seminar discussions, computer-based work, group projects, and study trips. This variety enhances the learning process and enriches the study experience. All students are also expected to do considerable reading in order to gain additional knowledge about important management issues.
Visiting lecturers from business and industry are invited to participate in the teaching programme where appropriate. The assessment of the courses varies, depending on the nature of the discipline. Combinations of essays and case-studies are quite common.
The marking process follows British rules and practice: double marking, followed by moderation and an external examiner in the UK.

Study trip

The MBA study trips give excellent chances to study, analyse and anticipate business opportunities and risks in truly international context.

Admission requirements

To be eligible to apply for the MBA programme, you need to be a Bulgarian or foreign citizen who has a bachelor degree, a good command of the English language and work experience. Admission decisions are made on the basis of the applicant’s documents. Applicants who do not have an official English language certificate must sit for an exam (free of charge) at VUM.

To be registered at cardiff met, applicants must submit the following documents

1. A filled-out International Student Application Form

2. Personal statement (Section 8 of the international student application form). It must have the date when it was filled out and the applicant’s name. It must also be signed by the applicant.

3. A bachelor or master-level degree. Applicants whose academic achievement is 3rd Class Honors cannot be registered on the programme unless they have at least 5 years of work experience.

4. An English language certificate. Any of the following is acceptable:

a. An international certificate: IELTS 6.5 +, Cambridge Advanced.

b. Successful English language entrance exam at VUM. In this case, the applicant receives a VUM English language certificate.

c. A British or US bachelor or master degree. In this case, no English language exam is necessary.

5. Two letters of recommendations from an employer or a lecturer, on an official form, with the logo of the employer’s or lecturer’s organization. The letters should be submitted to VUM as colour scans.

6. An identification document: an identity card for Bulgarian citizens; an international passport for foreign citizens. The document should be submitted to VUM as a high-resolution colour scan.

7. A passport-size photograph. It should be submitted to VUM as a high-resolution colour scan.

8. A resume (CV) in English.